Affordable Wedding Favor Alternatives

bride favors

Probably one of the staples of a wedding reception, wedding favors enable the couple to share in the memory of this special event with the guests, friends, and family who took a special part in the occasion.

These souvenirs serve as a keepsake token; hopefully, those who look back into the intimacy of the event through this memento will be able to relive the emotions that came with it.

For this purpose, the favor may not necessarily be expensive; if the gift is sincere, even the simplest object can become a priceless reminder of a special moment in the couple’s lives. Try improvising on the following ideas, in order to come up with variant wedding favors with a wisp of your own personal touch.

Scented and unscented candles are easy favorites because of their symbolic appeal. They are probably the easiest gifts to adorn, and if you are a bit tight on your budget, they are very inexpensive if you purchase them in bulk. Just make sure that you choose those with colorful designs, so that they won’t look too plain when you hand them out.

You can save money by making mini-gift baskets yourself, instead of having them pre-ordered. Small reed baskets made just for the purpose are cheap when purchased in bulk in thrift shops. You can ask your girl friends to help you in stuffing the baskets with candy, and adorning each with quaint ribbon or flower accents.

Small, colorful carrying bags are also popular because of their versatility; you can practically put anything you like in them. They are relatively inexpensive, and you can have messages embroidered on them at a trifle extra cost. You can put anything from teddy bears to tee shirts, as long as you make sure that the bags contain something of substantial volume so they don’t limp when you arrange them on the gift table. Personalize the gifts by embroidering the core details of the wedding on the cloth.

Mint tins which come with specially-packaged assorted candies are also available at a cheap price if you order them in large quantities. Try varying the colors so that they all look good together when you stack them on the reception table. You can stuff these tins with any trinket which may suit your fancy, and even throw in a folded little thank-you note for a more personal touch.

Key chains are great favors, if you learn how to complement them with your wedding theme. Since they come in an inexhaustible assortment of options, you won’t go wrong in considering them as nifty gifts.

Personalize them by choosing objects which reflect the venue of the reception; if the location is in a garden, small petunia keepsakes are appropriate; if the venue is on a boat or yacht, then a naval cap or a captain’s wheel would be fitting objects.

If you are particularly good at baking pastries, then you could try handing out cookies as favors. Not only do you get to show off your talents, you may also accidentally drum up some business, if a particular guest really likes your baking skills and orders the pastries on a regular consignment basis!

Remember, presentation is the key to a memorable gift. You should be able to impress upon the receiver that you took pains in making the token as intimate as possible, so that he or she will remember the event whenever the keepsake comes into mind.

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