Using Wedding Favor Boxes for the Groom’s Cake

wedding favor boxes

If there is one positive thing that the global financial crisis has brought to the world of weddings, it is probably that it encouraged soon-to-wed couples to look for creative and resourceful ways on how to maximize the wedding budget.

Even wedding suppliers are now encouraging couples-to-be to purchase wedding items that serve double/multiple purposes. For example, wedding favors today are not simply for souvenirs anymore.

They can be used as table centerpieces, reception decoration, and even for the groom’s cake! How is this possible? Here are some ways on how you can use the wedding favor boxes for the groom’s cake.

Idea # 1: Use favor boxes as decoration for the cake

You can surround the cake with fancy favor boxes that can also serve as decoration. If you would browse at the different types of favor boxes available in most online stores, you would find it hard to make a final choice, as all of these boxes are truly eye candies.

Idea # 2: Put mini cupcakes inside the favor boxes

Instead of having the traditional groom’s cake, you can have a bunch of mini cupcakes placed inside the favor boxes.

Idea # 3: Complement the choice of favor box with the theme of the wedding

Choose favors boxes that would be suitable for the theme that you have picked for your wedding day.

Some Favors Boxes you can use for the Groom’s Cake

Organic Green Woven Favor Boxes – If you are going to have an eco-wedding, (a theme that is very popular these days), these are the perfect embellishments to put into the cake.

Natural Miniature Woven Beach Bags – These are also ideal for green weddings but you can also use these favor bags for other types of themes because you can change the content to fit whatever theme you are having.

For example, you can fill up the bag with shells, sand, and pebbles if you are having a beach wedding, and then place these bags around the cake.

Metal Boats – Speaking of beach weddings, these striped and polka dotted metal boats are great for beach weddings with nautical themes.

Miniature Athletic Bags – As most guys are athletic, the groom will probably love these items to go with his cake. These are also great favors for a bunch of jocks attending the wedding.

Romance Design Paper Cups – These paper cups, which come with a bottom text that reads, “Our love is forever” is great for cupcakes and other types of food products like chocolates and candies.

Miniature Travel Suitcase Container – These favor boxes would surely be a hit for destination weddings, and also for couples who love to travel a lot. Aside from this one, you can also use the miniature travel trolley with wheels and retractable handle.

Miniature Metal Watering Cans – These ones are fun galvanized miniature watering cans that are perfect for garden weddings.

Wedding favors boxes are not only for wedding souvenirs. They can also be used as cake decoration such as for the groom’s cake. Make sure that you choose something that your groom would love.

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