Gift Ideas for the Wedding Night

wedding gifts

Conventional gifts such as toaster ovens and boring punch bowls are items which the bride may expect, upon opening the boxes the day after the wedding. As a girl friend, you should spare her the monotony, by giving her an unexpected gift before the wedding day. Novelty gifts are particularly popular during bachelorette parties.

Why not give her a package of edible underwear as a present? Unless she is a humorless piece of driftwood, she will treat such naughty gifts as a prank, and may even thank you for giving her useful and highly suggestive ideas which may come in handy on her wedding night. The following are but few of many possible gifts you can give to the engaged friend.

If your friend leans toward the more conservative type, you can give her a spa treatment. Kits are easily available at health shops or salons, and you can take the opportunity of scrubbing her feet as a bonding experience; if the idea of lathering feet is a bit unappealing to you, you can take her to a wellness resort, and you can really get in good terms with each other as you both receive full-body massages in opposite beds. You’ll also be both scrubbed up and ready for the bachelorette party.

Find out if your friend is open to sexually-suggestive gift items by giving her subtle gifts; those which may seem harmless at first, but upon further thought turns out to be pregnant with imaginative ideas.

Once you give her a can of thick chocolate fudge with a naughty smirk on your face, she’ll understand the joke and you’ll both have a good laugh at it. With this gift, you can tell if she can take on presents of a more explicit nature astride. Other possible gifts include a cheerleader or candy-striped costume, cotton mittens, and lathering cream.

As a woman you should know that the indispensability of lingerie should not be underestimated. Lingerie is probably an essential element in a woman’s wardrobe, and they come in all sorts of varieties.

If you intend to present them as an undergarment, that’s fine; but you are probably missing out on the opportunity of informing your friend that lingerie is meant to be more than an accessory. Men love lace lingerie, for one thing, especially when they come in passionate colors.

You will be surprised at the variety of options of lingerie types available, from g-strings to corset-like bras, and that’s just the usual run-of-the-mill types. For those with a wild streak, prank and edible lingerie, and bondage-type leather underwear are available complete with masks and horse whips. You should consider that your friend may be hesitant with the thought of purchasing these items herself; in this sense you are doing her a big favor.

If you would like to push the boundaries even further, and you are sure that your girl friend can take it, giving her very explicit gifts probably won’t hurt. Just be certain that she is up to it.

Sex toys and blow-up dolls are easily and discretely available online; as well as a wide variety of flavored, ribbed, and fluorescent condoms, creams and other implements, and a host of other items which may spice up a bride’s honeymoon.

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